Imthatguy films a n00b and his FJ55

Mr. Cwalring Digest made a video of my Class 2 runs at the ECSC. That Albert sure can drive! Thanks IMAGUY!


I posted my 100th YouTube video today. Take some time and enjoy my toy trucks through the years.

Playing with dolls

Creepy Uncle Albert has become a good friend of mine. He’s come along on the last few trail rides with me. If he isn’t driving his own rig he’s riding along with friends and spotting for them. He doesn’t complain and offers to help when he can. Follow him on Facebook:

Rogue Element Folding Lawn Chair

I won this in a giveaway last month and it arrived in the mail yesterday.


I’ve built a few of his kits and knew I had to read the instructions 4-5 times before actually building it. They’re usually long and somewhat confusing. It’s also helpful to have a picture of the completed model on your computer screen to reference. After an hour’s worth of fiddling I had something that resembled a lawn chair.



It really is a cute little thing and it functions like a real chair, but for $29.99 there would be other things I’d buy first. Such as this and I did. The RC4WD Defender 90 Window Protection Roll Cage.



2 new videos!

Gelande II

FJ55 Cwalrer

Gelande II on the banks of the Vermilion

I love how this truck moves in half speed. It looks right. The Gelande II kit is proving to be rather durable too. After all of that hard driving in the end (there was a lot more behind the scenes) nothing broke or came loose. I like that.

Things are getting weird

What is this?

I don’t remember endorsing any trails…

Smiggin’s Hole Groundbreaking Ceremony

The groundbreaking ceremoney for Smiggin’s Hole Off Road Park and Steakhouse happened last night to a crowd of zero. Creepy Uncle Albert forgot to mention a time and date for those interested.



It’s just a fill-in for the real Smiggin’s Hole which is to be built next year. This will keep CWALRING Monthly happy for now. The plan is to build a realistic trail system with varying terrain. Mud, ruts, rocks and such. I want to get away from the freestyle rock garden approach and go with set trails. Following rules is much more fun.

Cwalring Digest

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